What is G7
The G7 seal is a mark of industry-leading color quality and consistency.

Mazaya Press wants to offer our customers the best, most reliable printing, so we have taken the next step in color standards. We have completed the most rigorous certification process: G7, or GRACoL 7, which ensures that your design will look in print the way you designed it on screen. G7-certified companies use the latest technology and uphold the highest standards to produce high-quality printing.


Our customers come first, always.

Everything we do starts by putting our customers center stage. We partner with you to understand your business, anticipate your needs and help you communicate in the most compelling way possible.




We are dedicated to exceeding expectations.

We carefully manage your artwork with a team of experts focused exclusively on ensuring
the end product is perfect. Often we are able to catch and correct subtle design or technical issues before our customers are even aware of it, completely free of charge.


Our customers count on us, and we deliver.

We never pull a fast one on you, and we deliver on time, and often sooner. There are no hidden surprises, charges or special conditions. You will know exactly where your project is — up to the very minute it is delivered.



We have a passion for print.

We love what we do. We love what you do, and we love bringing your ideas to life and making them real. With permission, we love to share and promote the extraordinary designs our customers create on our Mazaya Press Blog or our social media channels and promotional emails.



  We are focused on building communities.

We invite you to drop in to one of our three facilities for free design and printing advice. We also support worthy causes around the country with our Sponsorship Program, because we are dedicated
to building stronger communities in our neighborhoods, your neighborhoods and beyond.