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Mazaya Press – Every Door Direct Mail

Please follow the instructions below to ensure your EDDM postcards meet
USPS’ design and labeling requirements. Please contact your local U.S. Post
Office to confirm availability and requirements prior to printing.

USPS Labeling Requirements

Ensure that your EDDM postcards have the mailing label and indicia only on
the top half as shown in the example. Please follow this example to ensure
your postcard meets USPS requirements.


EDDM BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit)

  • For all active deliveries, 
    both business and residential.
  • Residential deliveries only.
  • PO Box™ deliveries only.
  • City/State/ZIP Code
    recommended, not required.

Indicia Example

All postcards must contain
"ECRWSS" in the address area or within or below the permit indicia.

"EDDM" must be included after "ECRWSS" on the label of pieces larger than
10.5" up to and including 11.5" in length.

EDDM Retail

For active
(residential and business).

Indicia Example