A little afterwards at the guild, Bisca and you can Alzack go back from their employment and you will Asuka gift ideas them with the Lacrima

One minute later on, a band from kite-having fun with thieves, calling themselves Orca Feather Traveling Bandits, swoop within the and you may deal the brand new Lacrima souvenir of Asuka’s hands. Natsu wants Ready to carry him to ensure that he can go immediately following them, although Surpass has been lying on the floor when you look at the shock along side kiss and you can bemoaning you to definitely his dear mouth were destroyed. Saddened observe the lady dear product stolen, Asuka opens fire on bandit just who grabbed new Lacrima which have the girl doll weapon and you may is able to hit most of the test; but not, as the weapon isn’t real, the fresh new thieves simply take no destroy, and continue the refrain. Viewing Asuka burst toward rips, Natsu forces the young girl’s cap down over their sight and you will, as the lady propels blindly, Natsu spends his Wonders to capture along the opponents. Even with they being him which hit him or her, he pretends it absolutely was Asuka just who try him or her down, and make Lucy note that the guy lost the crowd back to the brand new guild deliberately to help make the woman delighted, as a result and then make Lucy delight in Natsu’s an effective front side. [70]

When you look at the answer their astonished expressions, Natsu and you can Lucy identify that they took Asuka for the several easy services, as well as the perplexed married pair after that establish the Lacrima are this new prize it gotten upon conclusion of your own earliest goal it got together with her. When the anybody else ponder why they’d actually ever replaced such as for example a cherished memento away, https://datingranking.net/the-adult-hub-review/ they only say that they had to which Asuka manage understand at some point, before leaving for family. In route out from the guild, Asuka says to the girl mothers that Natsu and Pleased kissed, into several both placing comments you to definitely Natsu and you may Happier yes see to track down collectively better. Whenever you are Lucy giggles about any of it, Natsu and Pleased lookup unwell. [71]

Fairies’ Christmas [ ]

When Christmas time rolls around into the Magnolia, the newest members of Team Natsu, in addition to Juvia, Gajeel, Levy, and you will Pantherlily all gather in the Lucy’s apartment so you’re able to enjoy it, far to Lucy’s chagrin. Erza then challenges this lady to join in, and start ingesting, resulting in the lady in order to rapidly rating intoxicated. Lucy, inside her drunken state asks that Natsu start purring, and in case the guy refuses, she contact your, and you can starts purring himself, much in order to Natsu’s individual chagrin. Erza up coming begins the fresh “Guild Grasp Video game”, where anybody who selections the best amount extends to buy the rest from the area doing, evoking the female (save Erza) so you can easily sober up. Inside online game, Natsu was created to dancing nude, much so you’re able to Lucy’s pity, and you can Lucy gets hotter wax dripped to this lady right back, far so you can Natsu’s outrage. In the course of time the overall game closes when Erza is distributed house, leaving others defeated in her flat.

Brick Many years [ ]

In a primitive form, Natsu and you can Delighted is actually search a beneficial boar, once they come across Lucy soaking-up a swimming pool, and manage to get this lady. It promote their back again to the new men’s room town, in which Makarov demonstrates she actually is an effective “woman”, in advance of are incapacitated whenever their “sausage” are aroused. Regrettably, this is exactly quickly observed right up of the rest of Lucy’s group, every woman, coming in to store the woman. They without difficulty beat the new guys (that are also incapacitated because of the the “sausages”), even if Natsu does not want to let Lucy wade. When he holds on to her, the guy occur to gropes her, consequentially “awakening” his or her own “sausage”, and this frightens the ladies aside. Natsu is leftover mislead however, satisfied, since Lucy sobs more than that was left at the rear of. not, given that the woman is whining, Natsu slices this lady binds, and affectionately pats this lady toward head, proclaiming that this woman is “his”, and you will he’s going to manage their today. Upon reading it, Lucy blushes, and you will relaxes off.