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120 lb. textured ultra white

An egg-shell textured white paper stock on both outside layers of your coaster. Ideal for photographic or full-color designs.

100 lb. light brown kraft

A recycled-look brown kraft paper stock on both outside layers of your coaster. A great paper for designs with solid colors or for a unique look and feel.

Product Note: The combination of outside paper and inside core paper will affect the final coaster thickness.

 Outside Paper Inside Core Thickness
 Kraft Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange 40 pt.
 Kraft White 45 pt.
 White Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange 45 pt.
 White White 50 pt.

With this unique product, you can print on one or both sides of the coaster and also select a solid core color that is layered between the two outer papers. Select one that makes your artwork pop or matches your brand’s color.

 You can choose from white, black, red, green, blue or orange core selections